“Tiger Training with Christian has transformed my life, and it turns out, my wife. I’ve been training with Christian for nearly two years now, and in that time I’ve exceeded the health and fitness goals.  Within 6 months I had taken off 30 pounds and my blood pressure returned to normal levels. I’ve kept up the training and now hardly recognize myself in photos taken before I started.  Indeed I’ve been so successful that my wife grew jealous and also started training with Christian. We now mix individual and couples training, and have changed the way we live beyond the gym.

Two more observations:

1. Consider also couples training with Christian. Rae and I really enjoy the workouts together, and the walks to and from Diakadi — especially the sweaty, exhausted walks home — have turned into great way to spend time together.
2. Speaking of Diakadi Body and Fitness, what a great place to train! The variety of equipment is impressive and the staff is fantastic and welcoming."



“I have been working with Christian for a few years, and have made great progress. I am leaner, much stronger, and have more energy than before. Christian has helped me work far harder than I could have by myself and it shows. He is constantly coming up with new and interesting workouts and his positive attitude and motivation always comes through.”



“Tigertrain has been my preferred personal training source for over a year. Christian provides focused, informative training sessions.  Each session is balanced to ensure that the workout is comprehensive.

Tigertrain above all is results focused. Building an individualized plan to achieve my best. This transformed my body into lowering my body fat percentage from 21% down to 11%!”



“Christian is the reason I exercise, and he's the thing that keeps me exercising. As a 40-something woman who thought weight-gain was inevitable, I never thought I'd trust and rely upon a trainer as much as I do Christian.

The most surprising and satisfying aspect of working with Christian is the partnership he creates with clients. After creating a friendly rapport, Christian captures not only clients' physical fitness but also their goals.

He adjusts, modifies, scraps, and adds moves based on limitations, passing injuries, personal interest, and best practices. He regularly helps me improve my form and abilities by telling me about the mechanics of moves.”